Expressionism and color

Color is imbued with emotional weigh. Much has been written and discussed regarding the subject. As a painter I use it as a tool…to create a mood, emote a feeling or just present it like a free form jazz piece. I’m conversing with the colors and painting songs. That is probably the best way to describe what I’m doing in the studio right now.

Mary Gallagher Stout
The Other Art Fair LA

I had a total blast at TOAF LA this Spring and I’m eager to do it again in the fall. The Fearless Collection was introduced and received much love from artists and collectors alike. I’ve been continuing the work and painting all sorts of sizes packed with so much color. I’ve not figured out the imagery at this point. So be sure to stop in and check out what’s new.

Working Small

Loving working on these long and lean panels. My favorite has been 48x24x1.5. The shape really lends itself to narrative works. I’m also working on smaller versions, 12x4x1.5 and 24x12x1.5. UPDATE these pinks have been painted over and are now exploding with colors.